Comments From My Kind Student


I first met Laoshi around April 2016. I heard about her through a colleague as I had always been interested in learning Mandarin. From the day we met, she was very warm and extremely passionate about her language. When she teaches mandarin, she makes simple examples that are easy to understand and remember. She even goes the extra mile and makes illustrations. I have learnt far more than I had anticipated from her. She has taught me about the Chinese culture and has also introduced me to Chinese food. Every morning while going through the lesson, we have Chinese tea together which I am now very fond of and enjoy very much. This is unbelievable because I never took tea nor enjoyed it.

One of her most admirable qualities is her willingness and eagerness to help others. In our relationship, she has grown to be more than a teacher to me; she has become a friend, a motivator and most importantly a mother. Learning Mandarin is definitely one of the most challenging things I have ever embarked on, however with Laoshi on my side, I believe I will make it and as Laoshi always says, it will open doors that I had never imagined possible.


Nthabiseng Ntene

Congratulations To My Students

My students just won the Beijing Youth Cutural Exchange Essay Competition, Congratulations! As a Chinese Teacher in Johannesburg, it's great to see my students winning awards in China too. 

2016 Grade 12 Group Photo

Grade 11 Chinese Class Group Photo
Grade 12 Chinese class group photo

Grade 12 Chinese class group photo

It's that time of the year again, saying goodbye to Grade 12's as they progress on their journey. I wish all of the best luck to them for their exams.  All these students took the Chinese A level Exam which can be used for their university entrance. Photos taken in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. 

Testimonial From My Student Gavin

Being Chinese I have always wanted to learn my own language. I had basic level of understanding of Chinese before starting lessons but could not really hold a conversation together.

Teacher Lin makes the teaching interesting by relating her experiences and giving good examples that make lessons memorable. She has enabled me to take my Chinese the next level.

She inspires me to continue practicing Chinese as I feel I am progressing well. The method of teaching is effective and I can see it has been perfected over many years of teaching experience.